Radio West

"Wednesday, we continue our Through the Lens series with a poignant film about the devastating impact economic inequality has had on America’s black working class. Utah-based filmmaker Andrew James’s documentary Street Fighting Men follows the lives of three men in Detroit as they struggle to build something lasting for themselves and future generations. James will join us to tell their stories of fighting to find steady ground in a community wracked by crime, violence, and dwindling opportunity."

Detroit Free Press

"Shot between 2010 and 2014, “Street Fighting Men” follows three men of different generations that James believes represent “the past, present and future of Detroit and its neighborhoods.” It is presented in the observational style of filmmaker Frederick Wiseman, which means that there are no title cards, no narration, and that the audience is expected to provide the context."

Metro Times

"The documentary is called Street Fighting Men, and it was based on a cover story by John Carlisle — then known to MT readers as Detroitblogger John — concerning retired Detroit police officer James "Jack Rabbit" Jackson. Jackson was a sort of informal sheriff in the city's Jefferson-Chalmers neighborhood, described by Carlisle as "de facto leader of the neighborhood, like an unofficial sheriff." The film is now making the rounds at film festivals and getting a good reception. The story struck a chord with Utah-based filmmaker Andrew James, who decided to make a film about Jackson. As the story in the Utah Review tells it, James decided he couldn't do Detroit justice by paratrooping in to tell one of the city's stories."